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'Customer Service': the loosest possible sense just gave way

Granted, Hotmail is not the finest of spam sieves - really more of a generous colander, but I was perusing my junk mail in the hopes of something promising smiling back at me, bonneted in a subject heading other than, for example, HU:gEc0xR'US (no Lego to be found at that store... I hope). No such luck, but I did extend a wary cursor onto something claiming to be 'Customer Service Cos....' with a subject of '(none)', apparently upon treading briefly into a stagnant puddle of poor judgement. Inside, I found this:

Hi Blah Jones,

Just a friendly note, you qualify for a free lending analysis
for Calebasi


Lucy Pearson
Customer Service

Remove: http://www.cl9090.php

----- Original Message -----
From: "Blah Jones" calebasi@hotmail.com
To: "Blah Jones" calebasi@hotmail.com
Sent: Mon, 15 May 2006 02:11:26 -0800
Subject: Re: Free-Refi-Quote

Please fill out our short form to pre-qualify

Blah Jones

Obliged as I was that they'd (I'd?) sent me a 'friendly note' under my all-purpose pseudonym of 'Blah Jones' so that I could 'pre-qualify', I couldn't help my ordinarily diverted inner minor from stopping mid-egg & spoon race and crying plaintively across the years "Oh agnostic deity, where did it all get so munted up?!"


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