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For Rich: Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Arse

Dag y'all I never understood black why the jocks get the fly girls & me I get the hood rats......

Frittering in a record store today I heard the above in 2 Many DJs form, which cued your stage-right into my head, which kaleidoscoped in turn to compose a memory here in its original image form of:






And there had I a moment of convulsive mirth, just a torso seizing soundlessly afore bemused rows of showtunes. It was good, I hope you are too.

As is evident to the highly trained eye, I was singularly unsuccessful in obtaining an actual photograph of a San Pellegrino Gassosa bottle, so I hope my rendering of a mid-lopped phallus on whose scrotum someone (presumably the lopper) has scrawled "Gassosa", masquerading as said bottle, might suffice.

Convulse with me now, o resplendent frappuccino-gobber.......

Thankyou, my tone-lowering muscles have been well flexed for the day.


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goddamn! where have i been!!!!! rockn roll gorgeous... i miss those days. maybe i should see if my students can replicate your gassosa feats. have you ever had it since??

Sadly I have not had the pleasure, though do have a vague recollection of a near-Gassosa experience with some other highly carbon-charged beverage. I think that student re-enactment of all our brainless Merch antics should be absorbed into the curriculum, I'm sure it would be somehow profitable to their knowledge of Anglophone culture. You could end the year in a docudramatic stage version of your entire life up until the night in question. Ah, the many uses of idle students...
Perth's a little hole in me too, looking forward to being back there for a bit. When will your furry visage be seen again by Moon patrons?

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