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April 8, 2006

airing your dirty.... art

Being that I seem currently to be so bereft of inspiration, creative or otherwise, I thought I'd take this opportune hollow & fill it with things which may make me look interesting by association. Unlikely, but if this plan falls in a heap you'll at least be left with a pile of pretty pictures (albeit with me struggling pathetically out from under their weight). What follows is the first - and presuming that all goes swimmingly, not last - serve of slices from my mini-archive of photographs of interesting graffito-tagging, taken just before I left the Land of Milk and Honey and Decent Coffee.
The majority are from a tiny selection of Melbourne's laneways, at various points on the city grid but particularly at the fetid end of Centre Place where all the skips nestle behind their trendy boutique owners. All those lovely alleyways winding about like the digestive tract of the CBD before it excretes all of us into the outlying suburbs. Mm, intestinal. Also from various streets running off Brunswick and a couple ripped from the beige tile canvas of the Eltham train station toilets (no congratulatory handshakes administered for guessing which these might be).
The rest were taken around Perth, mostly in alcoves & alleys off William St, a lot of Yok (if this casual name-dropping just ushered your brain into assuming I'm "down" with the Perth graffiti scene then WRONG WAY, GO BACK - there's just a lot of Yok about). Impressive, poignant, amusing and any number of other adjectives, but I'd like to think they're all interesting after a fashion. I may have been neither aware of nor involved in either their conception or execution, but I knew to take photos of them. Aren't I fascinating?

I thought as much.......