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February 26, 2006

Bryan Ferry's sound advice

It's finally come around to that day of significance, a year since I left the hindsight-gilded shores of 'home', such a pimped label now, and how very insignificant it feels. Having recently been stripped of my last & most coveted bit of Perth (of anything), I have been celebrating the occasion on my lonesome in the midst of hundreds of irritable Bristolians, to whom I've been (inadequately, they would at various points have had me know) serving coffee and various decrepit cakes. In my forays away from the bar I got to swish about in some small lakes of scum which had pooled around the kitchen area when the dishwasher threw up & passed out. And it was actually quite a pleasant time. Am now partying down in the library computer room to Roxy Music's 'More Than This' over and over..... and over. I thought it unlikely they'd allow me to recruit fellow revellers by playing it over the PA system so I'm content to let a walkman do the work while I imagine myself rollerskating gracefully in a dress I don't own, with hair longer than mine in a rink which doesn't exist, forming giant gliding chains with people who aren't currently here, and everything's a bit shiny & glowing. Digitally retouched daydreams are so much more satisfying.
So such is the Vaseline-smeared eye of my mind. I waited a year and a half to be where I am, have spent much of the time since I left feeling foolhardy for having done so, and am now, apparently, just wishing I was at some fusty old roller-rink's weekly 80s theme night. Always somewhere I wish was elsewhere, not doing what I should be, because I'm imagining my life as it never will be, somewhere as it doesn't exist in reality, because in reality, I'm always there too, wishing I was elsewhere, not doing what I should b.....

But I've had a lovely year, in the event. A great, baffling, stressful, disillusioned, somewhat skewed perfect year. Thanks, hindsight. I'm off to translate what some Vikings are assumed to have yelled at each other too many centuries ago to still be relevant. How did I get here......?

February 25, 2006

all blogged up with nowhere to go

O frabjous day! (my mother claims this is an actual literary quote. lucky for her she's right) I have just spent nigh onto four hours trying to tease the mysterious strands of blog magic from their bizarre tangle of what appears to me to be chronic typos, and here I am! A whole new distraction from reality has opened up to me.....
However as it's now 2.30am it's perhaps time to shut the door on any kind of reality. See you in a few hours. Goodnight.