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the shift realised on the occasion of a visit from my father

a very important thing happened. i am tempted to led it slide. to protect sensitivities. to leave it to memory. but i won't.

my father came to visit me recently. it's had only been four and a half months since we were together last. tight embraces under a stretching perth sun. "i'm going to make it a priority", he said then, about coming here. props to you pops. you made it. he stepped off the bus to my morning eyes and the embrace felt so continuous it was eerie, in a nice way. sitting down in our flat i felt like he'd just driven up to from bridgetown, to my old flat near hyde park. "a cup of coffee?" "yep. love a cuppa."

the ten days played their song. amidst our companionship i witnessed my father uncover what i hoped he would find here. escape. delight. optimism fed by new experience. i cherish his smile, the one on the bus as he left to the airport. i saw it through another pair of morning eyes. it spoke holidays' unfaultering motto. happy to come, happy to go, it said.

what i uncovered was something else. something that seems to have been working away in my subconscious all this while. there's a shift taking place. a shift in family. a shift in who is centrally important to me. a new player. i'm calling it the wife idea. actually it felt kind of good to know this.


am i invited to the wedding?

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