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look at us! we formed a band!

about 2 weeks ago, after weeks (or possibly years in individual cases) of talking about it, we formed a band. we are called 'brain enoki' (or possibly 'voyvasvavamosvan', or possibly 'power bottom') and have our first show on saturday night. it may in fact be our only show, considering two of the members are leaving shortly and one of the other two (read: me) has little to no musical talent. but we did it anyway, for a bit of fun, and because it adds support to the hypothesis: anything is possible in korea.

members: ben du ross, ben acree, robert johnson (not THE robert johnson), jackson eaton
honorary member: hasisi
instruments: two string child size guitar, korean drum, xylophone, ukulele, recorder, tamborine, line 6, melodian, drum machine
honorary instruments: guitar, keyboard, drumkit
sound: noise/avant/experimental/punk/folk/rock
songs: mayo, expedient expatriate experience, bad wizard, tracey make me a sandwich, do you want to see my bbq?
honorary songs: blue moon, needle in the camel's eye

so if you're in the area...

p.s. i wrote this song called 'expedient expatriate experience', or just 'bob'. it's inspired by a guy i know. i will "sing" it in a low-fi, bluesy, smoggy kind of way while occasionally strumming the ukulele.

for the entirety of high school
and all of university
i was kind of a shy guy
not a lot of luck with the ladies

i know what you must be thinking
how could this true?
i know what you mean
i've got a lot of catching up to do

so give me your number
and ill send you a text
youll find my hangul impressive
i learned it just for sex

just please dont ask me
if youre the only girl i see
remember i met you
at an international friendship party

now dont get me wrong
i wouldn't mind a girlfriend
but how goods your english?
it matters in the end

funny i seem to kind of like you
but i cant say why
is it because you dont really like me?
or that youre leaving the country?

youre not that pretty
but i wonder
if i care
youve got a hot body
girls at home
are size sixteen

you might be using me
but wonder
do i care?
youve got a hot body
without morals
theres no hypocrisy

i got my sex ed from a porno
and my lines from a mate
but because im a nice guy
i cant see my mistake

but in my room tonight
i think i might cry
its my birthday
and my blackbook gave no reply


i'm only a 14. 12 on a good day. 11 if i hold my breath. did i ever tell you the 'emo iteration'? it goes a little something like this: if we accept that an emo band's quality can be judged proportionate to it's obscurity, ergo, the best emo band is that which doesn't exist. i wonder if i could therefore regard brain enoki as my second favourite emo band? (or are you more of a 'flux happening'?) yeah, i'm calling you emo, witch, what are you gonna do about it? huh? HUH?

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