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(like) bathwater

strangely, we were in puna again. for the festival

i'm sitting in a room. it's cold and it's white, and on the walls are 27 photographs that came from a camera with a shutter that i had released. by the door to this room sits a table. it's clear and it's round, and on this table are stacks of brochures and a purple paged book. inside are words such as "chukhahamneeda" (congratulations) and "jackson eaton's photographs are enigmatic and contradictory.... with the sleazy glamour of nan goldin and the digital snapshot of wolfgang tillmans" and "it is my desire to picture reality... as an oftentimes confusing mixture of warmth and dirtiness."

i'm still getting a kick out of it.

but in a few hours these walls will be empty and this table will be bare. during the past 11 days over 200 people have been here and a handful or two even decided they wanted to take one with them. in all the show has been a success, if only because it couldn't be anything but. regardless of response or sales, this exhibition delivered a critical fundamental shift in how i think about myself and what i do. snippets of my visual diary are on a wall and suddenly they are art. i was responsible for these images and so suddenly i am an artist. this leap of validation is so simple, yet so important. i feel like i've achieved what i set out to do when i left perth, and i feel happy.

as for what now - well, i hope the answer is 'everything'. i'm already plotting another show and brainstorming ideas for gaining exposure (more welcome, please). most importantly though, i know i won't stop taking pictures any time soon.

[you can see which ones i chose here http://www.flickr.com/photos/acksonjay/sets/72157594529278183/, and order prints here jackson@concrete.org.au]


Gaaaaah... Your photos are really extraordinary, so diverse. 'Our dreams of escaping...' (I hope I remembered the title right) is the one that prompted the audible gaaaaah. Well, well done, Jack.

hey, nice you got your ideas together since when we spoke on that random subway adventure (crazy seoul ticket barriers and all)

love to all there, keep up the creativity

hey mr jack. i like the one of the little explosion of light on the roof as the sun sort of disappears, or maybe its the haze effect of smog. i like it a lot.
on ya champ.

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