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January 5, 2007

honey, don't cry. i've got some good news.

huh? cry from good news? what do you mean?
the director has offered if you wanna have a show at the gallery. second week of february maybe.
honey? are you listening?
yeah, sorry. just my jaw is on the ground and my body has fallen against the wall.
haha. so, you wanna do it?
what the fuck? you're kidding?
what. the. fuck. of course! of course! aaargh! no. you're kidding.

so... it appears my sole new year's resolution of having an exhibition by the end of the year will come about 10 months early. no masters in fine art, no technical skills in photography, no real style to speak of. what do i have? a girlfriend training as a curator, a few weeks of notching up favours with said director, and a whack of good luck. it appears i have a chance at a break. a solo exhibition.

so... i'm fucking scared in addition to being fucking thrilled, obviously. i don't have any real confidence in this "art" stuff but true to my academically breastfed psyche, structure and the probability of evaluation will be food for my confidence. i expect it to grow. or die. either way i'll know something i don't know now and certainly didn't know this time last year, when i finally bought a new camera and otherwise things were generally confused and fucked up. roll on 2007.