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September 22, 2006

order to exit / command to love

gotta go

so i quit my job.
so they gave me an exit order.
get the fuck out of korea, they said, youve got two weeks.
but haha im getting another job, i said to them to myself.
but i couldnt get another job. in time.
lets go to china, i said to her.
why not, she said.
because i cant get a visa in time, i said. a few hours later.
the philippines, said alex.
cheap last minute fares, said the internet.
i just want time, to be alone, to think, about me, with you, she said.
i just want to never lose you, i said. or thought.
fuck pa, ill give you money, lets go, i said to her, its simple.
yeah, she said. though she didnt mean it, it was.
so then we booked flights.
so then we bought matching bathing suits.
we will be in manila in half a day.

lets go

September 13, 2006

could the real jackson eaton please stand up

sorry for what i am about to do

still sorry

September 11, 2006

double exposure

two sunday nights lay on top of one another like an eerie double exposure. a sleepless man on a beige couch in the early hours. you would be forgiven for thinking its not even two nights at all. same precursor. same subject. same hangover. the almost imperceptible difference is revealed only by looking closely at that man. in the first image his edges are slightly blurred; restless and confused he shifts from side to side, his mind desperately tracking past and present and future for comfort and clarity. in the second it's the shape of his torso; knowing and fearing he buckels in the upper middle, his heart supplying the brace for anything his mind might construct. the film was wound again after three months. a lot has happened to the parts you can't see, in those three months.

excuseless. still. incomprehensible. still. redefining. yet.
i can't say it any better than. i know i love you now.