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March 31, 2008



It first happened with Pink Floyd. I attended the Roger Waters concert last year--Dark Side of the Moon played front to back, pot-smoking fathers, and an inflatable pig--and the first song in was "In the Flesh" which I happen to think is brilliant. I was feeling good. But as the night wore on, an awful and powerful conclusion was being crystallised: I don't really like Pink Floyd.

The truth is, I found most of the gig pompous and boring. There were magical exceptions (aforementioned song; "Wish You Were Here"), but by the end of the night I had developed quite the fury towards the lead guitarist, who looked like Tarzan but with a larger ego, and who stood, I thought, as a powerful cautionary tale to misspent masculine energies.

Anyway, something similar happened last night at Air. By the end of the gig I realised this: I didn't like them anywhere near as much as I thought I did. Not even close. With Floyd and Air conventional wisdom and my own breezy self-denial had forged an opinion of these two groups that was nowhere near how I really felt. So here it is. The unvarnished truth:

a) The Waters gig was as tacky and inflated as the giant pig that was sent--dangerously--off into the night sky. Apparently its airless carcass landed in a backyard pool in Stirling. I might add that the pig's skin served as a canvas for fluffy, ineffectual and misspelt pronouncements on the state of habeas corpus in the Western world. With half the stadium stoned out of their fucking minds, I was doubtful of the appropriateness of lectures on constitutional complacency, &

b) Air left me flat. It has something to do with the fact that they don't have a heart. And shame on me for not realising that earlier. Also, their new stuff is embarrassing. There's no other word. You know how Phoenix have put out two great songs, and the rest is execrable garbage? This new Air business sounds like the absolute worst of Phoenix. Shame.

That's about it, folks. And I also didn't purchase any new music. So shame on me.

Posted by Martin McKenzie-Murray at March 31, 2008 11:20 AM