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January 28, 2008

Blog. Fart. Hiss.

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I'm in a stinker of one today. A dark, shiny mess of a place

It's my first night alone in months . . . literally

I was worried about being alone so I cooked a nut loaf (the vegetarian equivalent of "the roast"), prepared some potatoes for roasting and some brocolli and spinach for steaming. I then set about calling all my friends, telling them to come over and enjoy some gin and tonics ("I've got the Hendricks, hey!") then a meal as wholesome as they were likely to get in their lives. No one bit. Everybody busy. Linda alone. Linda in bed now with the lappy, a single malt and the air conditioning. What will become of this?

In my sorry state that only a self-indulgent, "I've got nothing else to do" kind of post can fix, I'm going to compose two lists for your voyeuristic pleasure. The first list is things that I know for sure. The second is a list of things that I don't know. And then I'll make like Dr Phil and believe that a public airing of dirty laundry is the only way to truly get it clean. So I will try to as honest as I can and as true to my mood as I can, and see if the veil of fug lifts after my publishing

Things I Know for Sure
1) Finn is my cat, Patrick my boyfriend
2) I am a drinker of single malts
3) Stephen Merritt is, for me, the most mythological figure in
pop, along with Jeff Mangum, of course
4) I have depression
5) I am loved

Things I Don't Know for Sure
1) I don't know what I'll be in terms of my career
2) I don't know why I get so bloody bored sometimes
3) I don't know how an air lock works (underwater, like in Lost)
4) I don't know if I'm a writer
5) I don't know if I'll get up with my alarm tomorrow

Feeling better. Sometimes binary divisions are all you really need. The deep, darker feelings can be surprisingly near to the fun, trivial stuff.

Oh, alright, if I've got to give you something you can use (and I should) . . . Here it is: I'm going downstairs to watch "Flicka" with Alison Lohman; I got it on DVD for $12 at Kmart. I now, officially, suck harder than you.

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