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September 12, 2007

God knows why I jump for you


They were the crushing years. I crushed on everything; the band, its players, the scene, my best friend. On cigarettes, port and vintage dresses. They were the days when my lust roamed untethered, along with my self-destructiveness and emerging powers of dissociation. They were, possibly, the greatest days of my life. Of anyone's life. For I got to party with the band which was my favourite in the whole world. Every weekend. At their place. They were Cinema Prague. And they ruled Perth.

There can be no doubt about it. Cinema Prague have played some of the best shows I have ever been to in my life. By far and away the greatest Australian band I have ever seen. Live, they are awesome. I remember watching the three of them on stage and still not getting how such a huge sound could come from three people. The weekends when they played both nights were like 48 hours of heaven; music, drinking, interesting people and so much good energy. I went to the gigs with a cool girl I met at a vintage frock shop in Freo. She scored the drummer, I scored the clothes she couldn't fit into. It was fairness itself.

There were boys. I'm not going to lie to you. There were boys in bands, boys who worked the sound and lighting decks, boys who studied jazz and french, boys who thought I was too young for them. There were boys I would fall for so hard that they stuck in my imagination as the lipids stuck to my brain. I think, in the end, I loved as much as I hurt but mostly, I lusted, I perused, I taunted, and I held myself to myself.

But it was inevitable that I, like the band, would move on. People stopped having affairs. People went back to uni. People stopped doing E and they moved out of famous share houses. It left us all with the feeling that we would never experience anything like that again, and we haven't. Now we all have to lust on the inside for a time when people fell in love on sight and would see that person every weekend at whatever venue the band was playing at that week. But that was ten years ago now and there can be no going back.

At least not for me. The band reformed with a new bassist and a new album just last weekend. I'm not dissing them for that. Good on them. They should be playing music to crowds of kids who will dance their stripey t-shirts off and see what real punk rock is all about. But I couldn't go. Not unless it could be like the old days, and for one very special reason, it can't be, and I'm glad of that. CP, I salute you and I wish you well. I'll share a drink with you any time, but I won't be at the gigs. They meant too much to me the first time around. My fun quotient has been, well and truly, met.

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