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June 27, 2007

Ten fish

This is one of the most beautiful myths I have heard in a long time. It is a Persian myth and is lifted straight out of Persian Mythology by John Hinnells. The image is one of the most sublime I have ever received.

The rains were formed by the god Tishtrya. They were blown together by the wind to form the cosmic ocean, Vourukasha, or boundless ocean, which lies at the peak of Mount Alburz. This ocean is so wide that it contains a thousand lakes, the springs of the goddess Anahita. Within the ocean stand two trees, the tree of many seeds, from which all other trees derive, and the Gaokerena tree, or White Hom, from which all men will receive the elixir of immortality at the renovation of the universe. Evil naturally tried to destroy this life-giving tree and formed a lizard to attack it, but it is protected by ten KAR, fish which swim ceaselessly round in such a way that one of them is always watching the lizard.

It just sort of bought home to me the primoridal power of the fish . . . something that we've all but forgotten in the age of dying oceans and industrially farmed fish. I'm going to remember the power of the fish more often from now on, and pledge to respect it more than I currently do. Go, fish!

My favourite myth's still the Selkie, though.

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