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June 19, 2006

Please join me, if you would wish . . .

To the Owner

I was very disappointed to discover that in your clothing store you are now carrying fur products. While I have previously been a shopper at Varga Girl, and have trusted in it to provide well-made, stylish clothes when all else in Perth has failed, I will no longer be shopping there as I consider the farming and buying of fur to be not just tacky and ugly on humans, but a completely unnecessary and heartless practice, the reality of which I cannot believe you would be unaware.

While I acknowledge that I am a flawed person who still wears some leather (but also non-leather and is encouraging of found-leather products in Perth), I find the farming of animals for fur alone to be an industry that cannot be supported, when there is nothing to commend it other than the fickle fashion tastes of a dubious social class who willfully ignore the undeniable suffering of animals who deserve better treatment than they get in fur farms. I urge you to stop carrying these products, if not because they are cruel then because they devalue the name of your business, which has always stayed ahead of the game in Perth. At the very least, I implore you to research fully and fearlessly the methods by which the skins you are re-selling are farmed. I do not believe that you would ever stock them if you knew the reality of their industry.

Varga Girl has, I believe, a good name as a local clothes shop. Please continue this by refusing to stock fur, something which is truly, for the bitches.

Respectfully and in good faith

Holly Hobbie
(name and address supplied)

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