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November 11, 2006

Dream Catcher

That all these images, good and bad, exist within the same place boggles my mind. So I try to focus on the good ones...

Dream catcher.jpg

Bad - The bombed-out remains of the Dream Catcher Trauma Healing Centre

dream catcher 2.jpg

Good - The pretty fishing Village of Valachchenai

dream catcher 3.jpg

Bad - The sign warning off would-be gun wielders at the front of my house

dream catcher 5.jpg

Good - My favourite shop in town. The Mummy Daddy sweet shop!

dream catcher 4.jpg

Bad: Collecting dry food rations after being forced to flee their homes

dream catcher 7.jpg

Good: The friendly gold cleaner who I pass every day on my way to work.

dream catcher 6.jpg

Bad - Armored vehicles doing bog-laps around the town centre

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