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October 16, 2006

when a little love gives a lotta problems...

My friend suddenly stopped coming to work one day. I asked where she had gone, but everyone just muttered about a 'problem' and looked at the floor. The problem, her problem now, is that she was found to be having a 'love affair' (so the secret- revealer called it) with a boy at work - and when I say love affair, I mean they exchanged glances and text messages and occasionally brushed arms when they passed one another. News got back to her mother and she is now sitting and sobbing in her bedroom, forbidden from leaving the house, returning to work or even making a phone call. She will sit in her house until her rushed arranged marriage to a more suitable suitor (one that has a visa for another country) can be finalised.

She told me that her life has been ruined and the reputation of her family damaged, "All this because I loved a boy Catherine."

I think about the random French boy I locked lips with the other night who walked me home at 5.00am along the empty, all-seeing streets of this town and it seems so unfair. Sure, I don't feel too good about my drunken dalliances, but at least my life isn't ruined. I get to leave the house in the morning, make phone calls to who ever I like and no doubt have many more of these nights.

No one wants to mess with another culture, a different way of life. I love that this place is other and different and suprises me everyday. But I can't help feeling kinda sad that the next time I will see my friend, she will be hitched to to stranger she doesn't love with a ring so tight on her finger there will be no getting it off for the rest of her life.

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