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October 18, 2006

what's your drug?

Living in a country that has a loose understanding of the word 'ceasefire' is, I have decided, like living with a drug addict trying to kick the habit.

There's the cheating and stealing and lying ("I SO did not blow up that Navy convoy! I don't know what you're taking about!). There's the extreme mood swings ("What? I can't believe you think it's excessive to rain down artillery on a refugee camp three nights in a row."). There's the selfishness ("No food or water or shelter you say? Hmm, I could give you access into those areas to distribute relief items, but then again I could just have a cup of tea instead.") And of course there is the outright, infuriating denial ("We are NOT in a state of war! We signed a cease fire agreement in 2002, you know? We are SO in a state of peace damn it!")

The problem, like with any addict, is that this violence in Sri Lanka has become a dirty little habit that's hard to break. Any sign of tension or conflict and its 'get out your RPG, Kaffir jet, armored tank, artillery shells, AK-47s - anything - and blow the fuck out of what ever has bothered you.' Scratch that itch. Don't think. Don't talk. Just do what you have always done - react and retalliate

So off she goes to another rehab session in Geneva next week, but after a bloody week of daily aerial attacks, suicide bombs and street fighting, I'm afraid my poor friend just isn't ready to kick the habit yet.

Posted by catherine at October 18, 2006 2:43 PM


hi catherine, i've just discovered your blog via Nat's. very interesting reading, particularly in light of my trip to SL in July with Habitat for Humanity (we were working in Monaragala). keep up the writing please - it's important to read 'on the ground' stuff. cheers, nicole.

Posted by: nicole at October 19, 2006 12:38 PM

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