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June 20, 2006

I'm not watching the news for six weeks

We’ve been going steady for about a year and a half now, and y’know we have our ups and downs, but i guess i love ya in some way. I think we have a volatile relationship, but somehow it works for the most part. but i need a break. i need some time on my own, otherwise we will kill one another … or maybe you’ll just end up killing yourself. i’m leaving for six weeks. don’t try and follow me. and sri lanka, don’t call me while I’m gone.

I’m sorry that a civilian bus was targeted with a double claymore. It breaks my heart there were retaliatory attacks in the north. It makes me really uneasy that the sea tigers then launched a counter-attack. My blood boils when i think about the shifty contractors that made the walls of our houses fall down. I hate it that every time i go to a construction site i see children working. I wonder how anything will ever get done now that we can’t transport building materials across into the uncleared areas. And i think my streets dogs have mange, but for the next six weeks, i am drinking pimms and eating pasta and finding long lost friends and buying cute dresses from markets and watching bands play in cosy little bars….and you can’t come.

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