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November 23, 2005

Back into the Curry Pot

Not bad. Not bad at all. Two months back home and already fleeing back to Sri Lanky Land. I like to say that it’s a really amazing opportunity and that I am honoured to be able to go back to take up meaningful work back in a place I can call home. But really, and I hate to admit this, I think I am a lazy git.

So I sat around Perth, slept around on couches, mooched around various BBQs and beaches and other sun-filled places. Money ran out. Credit card got shut down. No job came my way. Can you imagine - I never applied for one job, or even lifted my head out of the homecoming fug to look for one and still I didn’t find a job. Fuck, life is like, so hard and that….

Then I get a call about a job over in Sri Lanka. On a platter. Just the way I like it.

I’ll be missing summer. In Perth. With MY friends (who, although you all think this to be the case of your own friends, actually are the best friends a girl could have). Seafood, beer, empty beaches, BBQs - simple, just like that. Just the way I like it.

What a pickle for a simple girl who likes things on a platter. Who likes to have her cake and eat it… on a platter.

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