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February 27, 2006

Coming back down to earth

Oops! Back to reality, there goes your gravity! You are unbalanced and indecisive, as probably most people will be this afternoon. So don't count on getting any straight answers or decisions! Getting in the groove could be quite difficult too, so relax and don't expect big things or run yourself ragged trying to get them (the answers etc that is). A slow and peaceful night is favoured.

The New Moon in Pisces on Monday happens in your career zone and is the perfect time to think about how you can make changes to your current status. If you are about to sign a contract, then get it done earlier in the week rather than later. This is because Mercury, the planet of commerce, is going to turn retrograde on Thursday which is associated with delays, obstacles and changes. If you can't make any headway before this date, then you do need to be prepared for decisions to be altered. Get Ready!

Now you get your chance to put your inner message into words and articulate the real you that may not always show as clearly as you would like. You don't have to bare your breast for all to see, but the opportunity is here and it just might slip out without thinking, so make it a message of choice, not chance.

February 22, 2006

Mixed messages

You are feeling on top of the world this week now that Mars is finally in your sign. You have a powerhouse of energy at your disposal and can think about ways to get your best ideas off the ground. As you usually do things in twos, you may have two big plans that need your undivided attention, so spare some time for each - you have enough resources to cope with doing so. Your mind is prone to work overtime, which could lead to nervous tension, so try and make time to relax deeply - it will help.

You should be feeling especially sexy right now. A powerful feeling of love, and a need to express that love physically, could be with you all day. If you're involved, you'll want to schedule a romantic evening with your lover. If you aren't, you could decide to channel this energy into creative activities of some kind. Romantic novels and movies are a poor substitute for the real thing, Flip, but if there's no other available outlet, go for them!

Well, seems like the planets are aligned for me. Although I'm a little concerned - the weekly horoscope that arrived in my inbox this morning was exactly the same as last Monday's. I know I'm a creature of habit, an' all, but surely not to that extent. I am starting to feel a little concerned that these predictors of doom or delight may not (gasp) be true. In any case, I choose to believe the second, because it seems I have lurve action coursing through my veins. Without a willing partner, however, I may have to end up with the romantic novel suggestion, which is really rather boring. Those swarthy men with flashing eyes and pulsating ... torsos? ... just really don't do it for me.

Yesterday was fabulous, a sun-soaked day of music and dancing among friends at good old Belvoir Ampitheatre. I woke up horribly hungover (refer back to new year's resolutions and lambast me as you will) and wishing to lie in bed ... and oops, this entry was truncated by laziness and a need for sleep.

A major need for sleep.

WAMIs last night - was bloody awesome and the bands simply outperformed themselves. We really do have a hot bed of talent in this town, judging by the show they put on. I was transfixed for the most part, lost in the music and sitting outdoors on that balmy, balmy evening with just a hint of storm in the air. I am really glad I went against my better judgement and threw myself into the middle of Perth's rock royalty - I think I even rediscovered my love of the live performance after all these years. Actually, I think that vibe started with Halogen a few weeks ago - equally brilliant! Sometimes life is so very, very entertaining and wonderful.

February 16, 2006

Waiting for the sun

You may have to roll with the punches a bit today should silly little things go wrong. Try not to get frazzled, just take things slowly and one step at a time. Doing some sort of physical labour this afternoon will tease out the tension knots, if you're up for it. But don't start anything new this afternoon, it won't get completed. Could be quite a pleasant night to be with the one you love, though nothing earth-shattering!

If you do artistic or creative work, you may be more critical of it than usual, feel that it is not well received or appreciated, or simply feel a little dry and uninspired. Without realizing it, you are probably censoring yourself. Accepting imperfection and being patient in both the creative and the romantic aspects of your life will be necessary.

Oh ... my ... god ... I can't believe how glum and depressed I am feeling today. I half considered not writing anything down at all and simply dismissing today as a blip on the landscape, but I feel fairly overwhelmed by the depth of feeling I have experienced. What has this got to do with the creative process? Well, it's stifling it good and proper, to the extent that I would rather go and curl up in bed on my spotty, spotty sheets than even begin to think about the work I have to do. Which is precisely what I intend to do in several hours when I am freed from the shackles of work.

What brings these things on? Work. Boys. A cycle of dread. The monkey's chatter in my ear. A lack of sleep caused by a racing brain, fuzzed with the remnants of the scarlet Jesus Juice I imbibed last night to drown my temporary sorrows. Feeling blah and uninspired is the worst possible state to be in, especially on a greyed out Thursday. Especially when I wake with puffy eyes and waxy skin.

I am supposed to be patient but I'm losing my confidence, my spark. I am having trouble thinking straight, even.

It just makes me realise what a stranglehold my emotions have on me, how willingly my body succumbs to their whims. Having a head full of storm clouds and eyes close to tears render words useless - I can't speak them, let alone write them. Even less do I care to write about the sparkling times and struggles of others when my own life seems like a tangle of unfinished sentences.

Damn you, black mood, and soon shall you pass.

February 10, 2006

And so the gloomy pallor descended

Flip, your light-hearted attitude toward life has given you the reputation as an eternal teenager. But levity is also the sign of a very wise person, a person who knows how to laugh at her wisdom. Whether you realize it or not, you CAN get involved in a serious relationship without losing your light-heartedness. If you have already committed to a relationship, you know just how true this is.

Ah, how timely. When one is verging on getting involved with someone, deciding whether to keep one toe in the water or jump straight in, light-heartedness is indeed something that tends to falter. Like many of my sisters, I am prone to over-analysis and alarming levels of contemplation over the dawn of new relationships - but this time I am not feeling quite the same way. For a start, I carry some sadness and residual ire over the end of the last relationship, so my wounds are not quite healed. I am not so optimistic as I may once have been, as a result, nor do I feel dazzled with starry, starry eyes.

I am older, wiser and just a little bit more cynical - and it's a good thing too. But having said that - I do feel light hearted at the moment, and am interested to know where this new path may lead. The point is that because I feel strong and content in myself this week, I am unconcerned about external forces and can take the good with the bad. Now that is a light-hearted feeling.

Anyway, my mind today has been a little more occupied with the physical, as I have been fighting nausea all day. Oh, that faceless coward that lurks in the belly, unwilling to manifest in anything resembling a real symptom, hovering instead around the edges of the intestines and giving the occasional tweak. I can think of few worse symptoms - bar outright, blistering pain, of course - which can so decidedly ruin a day. I have pushed aside my breakfast and lunch in favour of endless glasses of water and clenched teeth, and am now contemplating the weekend with slight gloom instead of excitement. Perhaps it is nerves about the outcome of the job application? More than likely it is the three, slightly gritty and cold giant prawns I chowed down on at the boring function last night. Thinking of them certainly gives me pause for thought.

Anyway, home beckons at last and another week has ended. Despite my misgivings and grumpy state, I am heading off to see an art exhibition, followed by dinner in Northbridge, followed by the excellent Hula Bula Bar. Nausea or not, I intend to let my friends envelop me in their warm, usual way.

February 9, 2006

Thursday's child has far to go

Your ruler moves into caring and gentle Pisces but this may not be good for your professional life at certain times between now and mid--April. You must be wary of scheming or dishonesty to get what you want in that area of life. On the positive side pursuing educational studies that will enhance your career prospects is definitely advised. Your ability to communicate with peer groups and authority figures will help you further your professional causes.

So is that good news or bad news? I just can't work it out. Sitting here at work, half an hour before I have to leave for yet another job interview, I should really be frantically researching the environmental cause but find myself drifting instead. I can't possibly get excited following the long string of rejections I have currently suffered through, but am certainly not feeling gloomy at my prospects. When one door closes, another one opens - or so they say - and this time I plan to hang on to the door jamb and force my foot in, so at least if this door closes I can personally winch it open again!

I must remind myself of my good qualities ahead of this exercise. Tenancious (yep) determined (yep) experienced (um) media strategist (eek) ... there's a lot to consider. At least I have developed some confidence in my writing ability and can bash out documents on time whether in a blind panic or loping path to completion. I wish I could tack on a year or so to my experience level without actually doing it - that might help.

It feels a bit fradualent having these sorts of thoughts at work, really. A bit like having a passionate lover on the side, someone far more promising than your stable and dependable boyfriend but altogether more risky. Its begs bigger questions, too, this whole process, about where I am going in my career with these tiny attempts at incremental steps. Am I selling myself short? Do I stay or do I go? Do I close my eyes and jump or cling to the side? Do I buy myself a one way ticket to freedom or forever languish thinking what if ... what if ... what if?

Only time will tell.

February 6, 2006

Monday's child is fair of face

You are on top of the world today, Flip. Enjoy the view! You are unstoppable, and friends and family alike revel in your good mood. You are generous both materially and spiritually, and by day's end people may be lined up to partake in the bounty. Try to curb your enthusiasm a bit and use some discretion. It would be better to give more to a worthy few rather than to give less to many. You know what we mean.

You know, I'm not sure I DO know what you mean. I swear these horoscopes are getting chummier with me by the day. I almost feel as though that last line was delivered with a wink and a leer, circa prime time Benny Hill. In any case, I am indeed in a good mood, albeit tired again, but at least I am clean and have gathered some new skills. Tonight I massaged my ailing grey matter with my first TAFE class in designing web pages using Dreamweaver and cascading style sheets and other exciting things I probably should have mastered years ago. The class was the usual mix you find at such venues - a blend of earnest mature student (me), teenage loafers (the three boys at the back of the class), the requisite weirdo (who didn't know what an underscore was - the luddite!) and the rest. Of course, our teacher is suitably loaded with enthusiasm and appalling jokes and - interestingly - is in possession of only three fingers on one hand. He seems like a cool dude actually, and I'm looking forward to making his acquaintance over the next few months.

I reckon I will make another new friend too. Sat next to this louche girl called Lucia who has the flashy eyes and casual manner of Europeans. She's a photographer, so we hit it off in the way that happens when you discover someone with a creative career. It's always good to have buddies in these kind of pursuits.

I'm still horrified at the quality of last night's post, which sounds a lot like paint drying would if it happened to make a noise. I think my brain was still too befuddled with the weekend's excesses to really be creative or inspiring, but i felt a strong desire to get a few words down anyway. This week looms large with activities and I feel poised at the edge, so needed to feel grounded. I had my first serious dip at work today all year - last year it was almost a daily occurence. When the moment hits, all I want to do is down tools and sit peacefully with my hands resting on the keyboard, staring out of the window. The feeling is of course worse if it happens to be early in the day. Luckily today in came in the late afternoon, when I did indeed scarper off early.

But it's not all bad. My day started today with a fascinating meeting with one of the Premier's Research Fellows, who is a nanotechnologist. In the simplest terms - or the bit that I'm most impressed with at least - he can study atoms - even take pictures of them! - as they nestle in their neat little rows - and even manipulate them. I have seen them. The economies of scale we're dealing here are enormous - think of your fingernail next to our planet, and that's something close, he says. So this morning we took him to the Planetarium - which is the mind-boggling macro to his micro. Our new program has the entire universe as we know it mapped out in 3D, and you can spin from galxaxy to galaxy at giddy speeds. It is inadvisable to eat blueberry muffins before viewing, as we subsequently discovered.

Anyway, the point is that sometimes my job has exposed me to the most brilliant people who are doing fairly inconceivable things on a daily basis. And we get along so well! I am unashamedly amazed at their abilities, and for the most part scientists are the humblest people you'll ever meet. Here, my enthusiasm knows no bounds. May I meet many more in this lifetime.

February 5, 2006

Good Sundays and summery fun

You may be feeling a bit confused today, Flip, and it may seem as if the wind has suddenly been taken out of your sails. Don't get discouraged by the slow weightiness of the day. Take this opportunity to relax and recharge your battery. Do a bit of inward reflection as opposed to outer-directed movement. The most valuable lesson you need to learn is patience. Get started on this lesson early and remind yourself of it throughout the day.

Some firm decisions need to be made just now and there could be far better circumstances to come in your working life. Being indecisive on a professional level just now would not work in your favour.

Well, I'm not sure about being confused, but I'm certainly tired. There was indeed little wind flapping around in my sails today, unless you count the slightly lacklustre puffs of air emanating from the fan in my room. It has been another long and adventurous weekend which has left me feeling quite tickled and relaxed about life, with lots of lighthearted and serious conversations with friends, giant mexican sombreros, bad red wine, delicious meals eaten alfresco under balmy skies and dancing, kissing and more! It has been a goodie.

Now, I am feeling tired and ready to commit to another working week, which is sure to be just as busy as the last. Unfortunately for my legs, I didn't go to th gym nearly as much as I'd hoped to, so this session withol' blue eyes on Tuesday should see me reduced to a hobbling mess again. Perhaps this time my sensible brain will kick in and encourage me to adapt my lifestyle in between sessions so the pain reduction is effected much faster. But much like the rats in the laboratory, I must receive many shocks to my tail before I adapt to a new code of behaviour... such is life.