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April 28, 2006


After 2 years of failed attempts Michael Lightfoot and I have finally finished our film shot during our travels in northern India. Although I will never make a film like this again it has been immensely satisfying that the two of us not only resolved the films many technical problems but also our working relationship. woohoo! Hopefully it'll be seen at the Revelation Film Festival in July.

The synopsis reads;
A young man receives three postcards from a friend who is traveling in India. He never hears from him again.
He reads over the postcards and tries to imagine what happened to his friend.
The Lost Notebook is a genre-bending film that combines cut-up and collage techniques together with those of a conventional documentary to create a powerful mélange where the line between fact and fiction is finally dissolved. Michael Lightfoot and Sohan Ariel Hayes bring you a sensual feast of a film shot entirely on location in India.

April 21, 2006


I dived into the ocean this morning. It was buoyant, blue and icy cold. It made me squeal and hoot and bound around like my dog, Ruben, who was doing the same. I soaked in the underwater moments like I never wanted them to finish, the cold icy tendrils of the ocean absorbing all the heat from my raised and reddened eczema prone skin. When I surface I am like new and feel so in awe of the blessed thing; the ocean.