I've kept journals before though never in a disciplined sense. It's the kind of activity I seem to immerse myself in when I'm either sad or confused or engaged in a period of study or travel.

They are the times when I am really seeking to unravel my thoughts and feelings or record my observations and impressions. Writing in particular seems at these times to be a rich medium with which to channel the many voices of a curious or disturbed mind. Looking back at some of these journals I see a wonderful interior dialogue between me and some other mysterious source. Of course there is all the bad attempts at describing people, places and phenomena that passed close to me, but there is also so many occasions where I ask questions in earnest and then write out answers in response. I'm not sure where these responses come from but it seems from a far more intelligent source than me. As I write these responses my mind typically quietens and my body relaxes. In that calm I seem to have much more sensitive connections to sensations in my guts, my heart, my throat and my head. The body becomes a wholly sensitized seat for grounding the generally stratospheric workings of the mind. I've so often written that I need a cable connecting me to the earth because I have such I tendency to taken by ideas as if they were hot-air balloons on route to fantastical cities in the clouds.

I still suspect that there will be a bit of that floaty stuff in this journal, but I'm going to try from the start to follow a gutsy intent which requires that everything recorded or brought here must without a doubt quicken the heart. It will be a collection of things at quicken the heart, which is something I heard the filmmaker, Chris Marker say he heard someone else say which I think is a wonderful starting point in the journey toward something real.

I'm not sure I know exactly what the concrete journals are all about yet, but I want it's founders and creators to know I think it's is a wonderful gift to have this space to publish my thoughts and I that will offer it the serious playfulness that it inspires.


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I am so looking forward to my heart's beats racing. I love your gutsy intentions.

I believe this space is a magical new way to tap into that universal creativity, and further explore its source. From deep within, to something far beyond reach, keep playing with it, and you'll find how to channel it - not just in moments of extreme emotions, but in the ordinary and simple. x!!

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