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September 22, 2007


So this dipshit American guy is in Colombia and in the most touristed area buys some bad coke off a dodgy dealer and minutes later he is busted by the police. The police haul him down to the police station and start to address him but he cant speak a lick of spanish. They bring a sheet of paper with a statement in spanish for him to sign. He glances over it and then flicks it over and writes "100".
The cop shakes his head.
The cop shakes his head again
"500". The cops nod their heads.
"Pesos?" The cops shake their heads.
"Dollars?" They nod again. So they take him down to an ATM and he withdraws 500 american bucks and the police let him go.

The next day someone in his hostal is talking about going to the police to get a statement for an insurance policy. Being $500 down this dipshit guy thinks insurance fraud is a great way to make his money back. He goes back to the same Police station and this time he finds a semi fluent english speaker to record his claim. He says he had his camer stolen and needs to file a police report. The policeman asks him what kind of camera. He fumbles his answer. The policeman asks if he is lying. He says of course not. The policeman pressures him and threatens that if they take him back to his hotel room now and search his belongings they wont find a camera? He tells them he doesnt want to file a report anymore. The policeman threatens to arrest him on charges of fraud. He picks up an empty piece of paper. He writes "100"
The policeman shakes his head.
The policeman nods his head.
The policeman nods again.

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