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July 31, 2007

New York

New York.


It´s a difficult place to talk about without having an audience who have been there. And if your audience has, it´s almost a pointless exercise. New york more than any city is a city you feel, all the way down to your bones, rather than describe or talk about it. Of course new yorkers do love to talk about it but I released how much i was missing out on till i was there.

Its an amazing mass of well ordered humainty criss crossing cement and skyscrapers on a tiny once thickly wooded isle in the flow of the hudson. And just being there and milling about is a lot of fun in itself.

New York was a return home for juliet and a dive into the epicentre of America´s cultural hub. An embrace of all the media imagery and preconceptions of Americas major finacial and cultural city mixed with large splashes of immigration from the far corners across the globe. The city itself likes to think of itself removed from America, beyond what the rest of the country is capable of... and in many ways this is true.It´s a strange kinda of town which lived up to all my expectations yet provided numerous surprises along the way.

We stayed in Grammercy, a fairly ritzy place round 20th street in a swank apartment of one of juliets highschool friends. It was perfectly positioned round the corner from the best bagel shop in New york, which on numerous occasioned i stumbled bleary eyed down to and experienced a hell of a lot of trouble understanding what the counter service was saying.

New york has so many different neighbourhoods that getting aquainted with them all requires a good 2 or so years living in NYC and even just a street you could miss could hide another different ethnic settlement or interesting new development. Surprisingly New York and it´s pop seemed far less pretenious than I imagined. I guess more down to earth than most movies have me believe.

You can spend spend spend of course to your hearts content ( which a lot of juliets friends did) and I struggled to balance my finaces and scroogeness with my desire to live NY to it´s fullest.

Empire State Building A Hot Day

We strolled through the natural history museum the MET and the MoMA, which though crowded was particularly amazing. Down in the east village we bar hopped a little, met friends, then friends of friends and ate mexican before drowning our food in countless frozen margheritas. We caught some shows in williamsburg, toured some 2nd hand shops strolled and napped in central park and ate a lot of amazing food.

Pizza, mexican, gourmet salads in the park and not to mention Bagels and coffee every morning. American sizes are huge and I´m told NEw York is paltry compared to the mid west.

Free shows abounded and we caught DFA at Ps1 in Queens, some bands at McLarren pool, Fujiya & Miyagi at the Seaport and danced at apartment roof top parties in Brooklyn on the 4th of july. I also saw a show by the polyphonic spree

We extended our stay by another 5 days and our so called budgets went out the door, but it was worth it, and even as we were leaving we were cotemplating how to involve a year living in New york into our future plans. A sleepless night from an afterparty and then Bogota.

Subway series 1b

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