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May 19, 2006

Old Friends and Their New Lovers

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Richard and Emily

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May 15, 2006

Smoke and Mirrors

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May 13, 2006

Be Drunk on Music

I have much to divulge and to finally release onto the web. It's been a strange couple of months being so unactive with the upkeep of this blog. As one can see from the poor layout I've yet to even invest proper time in working out why my blogs layout looks so incredibly hideous. There have been moments seeing old friends that have filled me with utter, uncontolled joy, places of great beauty and intrigue and times of anguish, insobriety and longing for souls residing half a world away.

And I shall get to such topics in due time.

For now however, it's nice to put down in pixels what a stellar last couple of months residing in korea has been especially music wise. Being visited by Mono and Guitar Wolf were certainly golden rays of light one doesn't usually encounter in conservative and contained Korea. However I've just been informed that a company is attempting to re-create the fuji rock festival in seoul, and at the end of july, Korea will embrace the likes of the Yeah, yeah yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol and possibly Broken Social Scene, Mogwai and Clap your hands say yeah! (plus RHCP and black eyed peas.. etc..) Never before have the likes of any such bands visited this insular little pennisula. It feels like a good time to be alive in Korea.


In fact I'm coming to realise how blessed I am living in Korea at this particular junction. The country is going through somewhat of a musical revolution and it is one the cusp of something big happenning. Indie nerds, Noise artists, postpunk purists and IDm heads are crawling out of the woodwork and becoming a presence never before acknowledged cultutrally in this country. Bars and cafes specialising in art or indie rock are springing up in university areas, hidden down back alleys and found through a rapidly spreading word of mouth. Shows are being publicised and bands are being taken out of house parties and into clubs where they are embracing a more angular, abrasive or experimental sound. It makes me feel blessed that I did indeed choose to sign on for another year. I'm excited to see what will happen.

Guitar Wolf

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