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February 23, 2006

It's surprise which we crave



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February 17, 2006

Winter Morning

 Winter Morning.jpg

Winter Morning, Gangchon

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The joy of feeling foreign

There was an email was circulating recently amongst English language teachers which was titled something like " You Know Your Korean When..." and it listed some anomalies of the Korean lifestyle such as not looking twice when a motorbike mounts the sidewalk, or you start asking for corn and potatoes on pizza. Now, such little phenomenon maybe just skin deep mild humor, but it highlighted the fact that I have been in Korea so long, the little trivialities have no longer begun to amaze me. It's true I'm no longer shocked when friends tell me they met up with their girlfriends and played video games for 4 hours, or I don't think twice when I see a business man in an Armani suit passed out on the sidewalk. But these are the things I remember first noticing and being able to form into words. The alien feeling of difference and wonder which I couldn't put into words I now no longer recall which is sad, cause that is what the magic of travel experience is about.

It all points in the direction of elsewhere but surprisingly, I'm beginning to feel at home and as the end of my contract creeps up on the horizon, I'm still unsure of where to plant my feet.

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