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November 17, 2005

The National Cemetery

national cemetary.jpg

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November 16, 2005

Hills on Fire / Peppero

pep p fall

Warning:indulgent dull travelleresque post ahead.

I’m going to refer to it as fall. The American pseudonym for autumn, though somewhat more coarse, is far more applicable. The trees have begun to lose the excess baggage of a heavy and humid summer and their leaves are lit up with brilliant yellows and oranges... and sometimes even fire red. The last couple of days have seen great deluges of brightly painted leaves flutter like snowflakes over passersby covering grey cement with the illusion of yellow brick roads. The hills are a wonderfully unusual hue.

Yes, Korea may just be one of the most beautiful places in the world during fall. The heavily forested mountains are so stunning they are over run by hikers eager to make the most of the short season. I took the subway just out of the city and decided to climb one of the nearby peaks. Never have I seen such traffic on trails before. Every single Korean decks themselves out in a somewhat humorous hiking uniform which consists of a red sleeveless jacket overflowing with pockets, socks over books and a high tension carbonite walking stick… And this mannequin parade of identically uniformed old men and women all queuing to reach the summit. Frankly the idea of a national park for me involves something akin to the illusion of wilderness. When you are stuck behind a huge snaking line of red jacket pockets and pushy old women still a km from the peak, you wonder why anybody bothers.

I negotiated a some what unstable ledge and steered myself off the path and decided to head down the mountain on the opposite side. And then like magic there was nobody on the trail. Nobody had bothered with the other side of the mountain and then from feeling uncomfortable about my personal space being violated, I was alone…. Not another soul why the forest showered me in yellow and orange glitter making the path down the mountain picturesque but slippery.

Coming from a country where deciduous plant life is rare and dominated by the mighty eucalypt an experience like autumn in Korea is truly surreal once one enters the mountains.

What is also interesting about Korean is the holidays that have manged to bury themselves into countrys traditions. Every month sometime in the middle is a “special day?. Feburary is Valentines Day – when girls give presents to the boys they like, April is White Day – the reverse, sometime in the middle of the year is Black day – a Day for people who didn’t get anything on Valentines or White Day to eat Black noodles. There are others… I can’t recall them now.

But November’s contribution certainly takes the cake. While the western world is pinning poppies to their shirt fronts for Remberance/Veterans Day, Koreans are busy passing out chocolate covered biscuit sticks called Peppero’s. Peppero day might be the greatest marketing idea ever by an individual company. The day is simply a day to passout these chocolate snacks invented by this Peppero company to all your friends. I mean why not Fender Guitar Day? Or Shake n Bake Day? Personally I wouldn’t mind getting a haul of fender guitars from my students..

None the less, the wackiness of peppero day is certainly amusing. And everybody gets so fucking sick of pepperos that they don’t want to see them again for another full year.

Oh Les Savy Fav finally coming to Perth, a month before I arrive back home... bastards.

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November 11, 2005

Late night on a message board..


I'm a little scared by the unchecked racism and blantant ignorance of todays political and migrant situation world wide. So here is my coarse diatribe.

I'm fucking glad they happenned. This needed to happen. It's a big fucking wake up call to the rest of you fat bastards getting rich indirectly off exploiting migrants from countries western countries have laid economic waste too.

These people are dirt fucking poor, earn 20% of what the average French income is, are targeted for harassment by police and forced to live in third world poverty in a first world country. They live in slums. They do the shit work other people in France wouldnt. Thats what governments love about poor migrants. They are basically second class citizens.

You have no fucking idea how difficult a move to foreign country is for most families. You don't get welfare when you arrive. You can't speak the language. Most difficult is the fact you have left your culture behind as you knew it for good. Friends, family and a total way of life is something that doesn't exist anymore. If you're risking all that to go on living, the situation mustn't be very shit hot on your home turf. Ie. it's a fucking serious situation. And you know who is largely responsible for this fucked up spot of bother? Yes, it's your way of life. Your life style supported by your Western Country. I'm sorry if that sounds over the top, but it's true.

Immigrants are actually getting barely any welfare (They are not sucking western countries down the economic gurglier and your taxes with it). I believe they should be getting a WHOLE LOT MORE. We owe it to them. Do you have any idea how much more money you have than most people in the world? If you're reading this you're probably in the top 10%. You know why France is historically a wealthy country and continues to be now? It's because they dominate trade relations with many former arab colonys outsourcing some of the meanest, dirtiest and dangerous factory work to these countries and pay them fuck all. It's because they support corrupt reigmes and supply them with arms and terrorist training. Most colonial countries have been forced backward in the last 50 years with standards of living for their general populous steadily dropping. Countries like France don't want former Arab countries to stand on their own 2 feet because it means a loss of a helluva lot of benefits that are hangovers from the colonial period.

So fuck you all the people living high mighty on their moral "migrant riotors are raping our welfare" pedestal. You have no fucking concept of what the situation is and the position most immigrants from "third world nations" have to occupy.These people have more backbone than you. Don't you understand that violence happens from the poor when they are getting fucked in a very bad way? Sometimes people make me sick.

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